APEO Surveys: an easier way to get answers that matter.


Now you can create your own APEO Survey that you can share on your social media platforms so you could listen to the right crowd and have a better understanding that crustaceans, particularly King Triton’s red Jamaican servant goes well with coconut milk when cook in spitfire and then your bulb with light and you’ll realize that it really should’ve been the creamy buko salad because coconuts, summer and beaches goes together!

Ask the Audience. All you have to do is grab your social networking sites by the horns, and by the horns I mean, join informative groups and like friendly Facebook pages like I picture SA and ask away! Through generating a poll simple and quickly, Apeo now makes things easier whether you are seeking for answers or knowing opinions that matter.

Call a Friend. Apeo allows you to ask your readers anything and get a quick feedback from your on-going platforms simultaneously while giving you the choice between spreading the word and a more targeted approach.

Double Dip. The answers are anonymous so you know you’re getting them right. You can quickly discover the majority’s viewpoint on certain issue and learn how your readers/followers view and feel at any given topic.

50/50. Despite all the various platforms for team and group communication at our disposal, still decision making can be time consuming and an exhausting ordeal. To cut the endless chatter and get quick answers on the go, APEO was created.

Crafting a poll through Apeo will get you more engaged to reach your audience which will give them a chance to speak for themselves. With its real-time result, you can quickly understand, analyze the response and share it on social media. It’s almost an instant like the L word that he had dropped, 10 minutes after he “accidentally” bumped into you which broke your glasses in two or that puttanesca sauce with only anchovies, some ripe tomatoes and a bulb of garlic.

And the best thing, it won’t hurt your pocket because it’s free like exchanging a broken spectacles for true love is a steal! All you need to do is to sign up and create a poll.


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