Drones being used to deliver medical supplies in Rwanda


Rwanda is know as the land of a thousand hills. This making some places very hard to reach. The terrain to get to a certain place can be very difficult, especially in the rainy seasons.

Zipline teamed up with the Rwandan government for the project, which sees the drones able to drop blood, vaccines and other medical supplies to remote areas.

“Zip is a small robot airplane designed for a high level of safety, using many of the same approaches as commercial airliners. It can carry vaccines, medicine, or blood. A fleet of Zips is able to provide for a population of millions. No roads, no problem,” Zipline wrote on its website.

I am hugely fascinated by drones and their capabilities. I am currently saving towards making my first drone purchase. Looking through a report by the World Economic Forum, they listed jobs that were not around 10 years ago. My current job: Digital Community Manager made the list with also drone operator. I am also looking into learning how to operate drones and this should be total fun!


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