This South African start-up is taking on Linkedin!


(Picture taken from SMESouthAfrica website)

Scelo Makhathini and  Eugene de Beer are the founders of LinkedPro. Linkedpro  is an online platform which gives clients on-demand access to a ‘hidden and fragmented market’ of premium independent consultants from top-tier consulting and advisory firms.

The main problem it solves is to give companies the ability to hire the best consultants, experts, and specialists you need for short-term engagements without the overheads of consulting firms. So it is a bit similar to linkedin but differs in the fact that it targets a special segment of “job-seekers” (consultants).

Linkedin allows one to view profiles of people from different work background with also different skill sets, from novice to the pro. My account is almost “pro” in a sense that I have over 500 connections and have spent a lot of time and energy making sure that my account is my online CV. LinkedPro is more of a niche as the professionals on the platform range from strategy consultants and on-demand CFOs to ex-investment bankers and various industry experts. The founders make it clear that the platform is not a social network.

This is a great initiative and I wish these brothers nothing bu greatness! We will surely keep our eyes on open for any future developments and make sure we report on it. I see this idea evolving beyond the “niche” market to include student from high schools and also university students.

For the full article, questions and answers  form the two founders please visit




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