How is using mobile phones as a democracy building tool



I came across the twitter account during the heavy days of #DataMustFall. #DataMustFall is an initiative by almost all South Africans against the high cost of data in the country. The issues these guys go after are ordinary issues that face typical citizens who feel that their voices are not heard.

Using the very tool that people use (mobile) the community advocacy organisation, is focused on building a more just and people- powered mzansi (South Africa).

How are they doing this; well I read up their website and this is what they had to say:

“ members come together at critical moments to take targeted, co-ordinated and strategic action to make real change. Our job is to connect you up with others, so that your voice has more impact and power to hold political and corporate interests to account.” is a non-profit company, which depends on the financial support of members who fund specific campaigns or give a small amount each week, as well as grants from donors. As an independent organisation, they do not accept funding from political parties, government and corporates.

I love what technology and companies like these are doing to make a difference in Africa. I have to date, taken part in two campaigns, #DataMustFall and also a recent one #LifeEsidimeni which is working to Stop the Health MEC putting mental health patients life in danger. You can click the link and read up more in the story and the campaign.

Now imagine if these guys could be able to use the services of:         (


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