Blackberry to stop making Smartphones.


My first constant access to the internet was through a blackberry. So, you can  imagine how devastated I feel about the end of this era. It was not only  cool to own a blackberry, but you could count on having access to the internet without any major issues, let alone the battery.

The smartphone company had a great strategy in place once upon a time. Enter the African market and provide them with not only reliable smartphones but also a service that allows them to get access to the internet in a more affordable way. This was through Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). I could surf the internet for an entire month for about R60! once upon a time I could also view videos on YouTube, not entirely sure my mom would have been happy about the kind of videos I was watching!

Instead, the Canadian company will rely entirely on external companies for any future hardware projects, it announced in its quarterly earnings released Wednesday. The company is said to be focusing more on software instead.

BlackBerry was once the undisputed king of the mobile phone world — but it was caught off-guard by the launch of the iPhone and the dawn of the smartphone era. It never recovered, and has dwindled further and further into irrelevancy ever since.

Thank you very much blackberry for all the fond memories and even those videos.



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