YouTube Go – Offline video portal

The new YouTube application holds great possibilities for connectivity stressed countries like Africa. With the high prices of data for South Africa, and the movement of #datamustfall it is clear that this new offline offering will be well received in Africa when it eventually gets here!  Here is a short paragraph taken from – youtube-go_765x0_80

Google’s latest app YouTube Go, aims to make it easier for those with limited connectivity to watch videos offline.

YouTube Go will initially launch in India, and according to the company, its team has traveled the country to better understand its peoples’ requirements.

But while the app will head to the Asian subcontinent first, the advantages for Africa and other data-stretched lands are clear to see.

YouTube Go will allow users to save videos for offline viewing, while allowing them to choose the video quality and file size. It effectively means that YouTube is now a portable, offline video repository.

We simply can`t wait for this application to make its way to South Africa and the rest of the African continent



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